We offer complex services for all types of architectural models (industrial or conceptual models for competitions, prototyping purpouses, developers, museums, etc.). We will guide you on the selection of the materials, technologies, technical and aesthetic solutions. Basing on project drawings (visualization), information about scale and your suggestions about materials we will create the optimal model that suits your needs. Deadlines are important and if it is possible, we will be grateful for making reservations on advance.


for model presentation. Depending on the nature of model we offer:

  • protective covers made of glass or Plexiglas;
  • platforms and bases,
  • lighting and illumination,
  • information plates,
  • investors logos,
    and many, many others solutions that are tailored to the project needs


Depending on the chosen way of transport, ONIMO offers various types of packaging. We offer standard carton boxes, wooden crates and flight-cases that can be equipped with comfortable handles. Level of the model protection depends on type of the transportation cases. If it is possible we highly recommend using reusable cases fitted to the shape of the model for best stabilization. Packaging pricing depends on type and size.


 We can deliver models to any place in the world. This services prices depend on deadline, distance, model size and additional services like assembling. The model can be pick up by your own from our headquarters studio in Wroclaw.


We offer regular servicing of model and all accessories, also made by other studios. We are happy to take on the renovation of old models, regardless of the technology in which they were made.



ONIMO studio is equipped with CNC milling machine that gives us the possibilities of processing the material in 3 axes. We can work in various materials such as wood, plastic and some metals. We will advise you on selection of the proper type of treatment and the material itself. The calculation is based mainly on the machine’s work time. The machine workspace is 2000 mm x 1500 mm. We can work as well on your material.


ONIMO studio is equipped with a CNC laser cutter with workspace of 600 mm x 300 mm. It is possible to work in such materials as wood, plastics or paper. We will be happy to help you choose proper material and advise how the laser cutting and engraving can be used in your project. The calculation is based on the material and machine’s work time.


All services provide by ONIMO (architectural models, laser cutting, CNC milling) require vector plans. If the existing documentation is insufficient we will prepare files for you. We can prepare documentation in both, 2D and 3D, form. The offer does not include preparing the project for cutting, milling or 3D printing, that won’t be made in the ONIMO studio.


Due to the deadlines or geometrical complexity of some model elements we can print them in 3D technology. The final model is, therefore, a combination of several materials and technologies available at the studio.